Green World Group sign agreement to supply Waste Mining Equipment to Eco Garb India

August 21, 2019

GWG’s CEO, James Buchan today concluded an agreement to supply waste mining equipment to Eco Garb India an international partner company working closely with municipalities in Southern India to streamline the ever-challenging problem of waste disposal. The initiative is part of wider collaboration between the two companies in tackling the planets waste disposal problems with Ecology through Technology.

The waste mining line is a largely automated approach to waste recycling in order to more efficiently utilise waste. The state of the art equipment is the result of several years research and development in the field of waste management to deliver a cleaner environment and greener tomorrow.

Green World Group and Eco Garb continue to deliver convenience, cleanliness and consistency in wastecare solutions, constantly improving our technologies to ensure a healthier living environment for all.

Ecology through technology

Green World Group technology targets optimal efficiency in the management of waste. With fewer collections, cleaner waste treatment and dramatic reduction in landfill our customers benefit from a positive ecological impact founded on sound financial sense.

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