GWG technology deployed to clear 200,000 tonnes of legacy waste

July 24, 2020

GWG waste mining technology has been deployed by Eco Garb in India to clear two hundred thousand tonnes of ‘legacy waste,’ near the Sadhuperi lake in Vellore district. The installation, which began on Tuesday, is expected to be completed in two weeks. Corporation Commissioner Shankaran. who supervised the installation confirmed  “The waste will be cleared for recycling and then used for farming and industrial activities.”

For 2 years, municipal waste had been dumped near the banks of the lake, which used to be a major water source for the city. The waste had polluted groundwater, affecting thousands of people.

Following numerous protests, dumping of waste stopped in 2017, but the legacy waste, standing to a height of 30 feet, was left un-cleared across seven-and-a-half acres of land. 

The waste comprises nondegradables and recyclables such as plastics, composed sand, tyres, slippers, glass and metals.

“These will be processed by multi-purpose machines, which have a primary screening set-up and supporting equipment. GWG’s innovative technology will segregate light and heavy waste according to size and type, ensuring zero human contact. The supporting machines will process metal, glass, plastics, tyres and slipper waste separately,” a field official said.

Plastics will be sent to power-plants and cement factories as refuse derived fuel, while composed sand will be given to farmers as enriched soil. The time taken to complete the entire work will half of  conventional methods when factors like weather are conducive.


GWG and Eco Garb’s long term goals are zero landfill and both companies are active in building support for this agenda with municipalities and businesses who take social and environmental responsibility seriously.

Ecology through technology

Green World Group technology targets optimal efficiency in the management of waste. With fewer collections, cleaner waste treatment and dramatic reduction in landfill our customers benefit from a positive ecological impact founded on sound financial sense.

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