End-to-end solution

GWG waste to energy comprises robust technology that is based on more than 10 yrs of research and industrial trials. GWG solutions have the flexibility to be adapted to any municipal waste stream. Depending on local market demand the technology can be designed to produce a range of energy outputs - electricity, gas, heat, liquid fuel.

Waste to Energy


GWG has researched and developed an innovative approach which is highly cost effective, providing an unique solution to the acute environmental problems created by municipal solid waste. One GWG waste treatment plant can deal with all of the municipal waste produced in a medium sized town, and due to its modular conception can be scaled up to meet the demands of a major city with several million inhabitants.

Electricity and Heat are produced as a final product from the RDF component in a pyrolysis microwave reactor.

Liquid Fuel. A range of liquid fuel such as ethanol and butanol is produced from the cellulosic components of the waste stream.

Gas. Methane gas can be produced using existing technologies of anarobic digestion from the organic fraction.

Waste to Energy