Green World Group offers clients a full range of consultancy services to deliver a safe comprehensive and economically viable waste care system that is hygienic and environmentally responsible. We also offer the potential to upgrade existing waste management system to optimise results and minimise costs. We can provide end to end solutions all the way through to creative waste to energy solutions dependent on the clients individual needs.

Turnkey Solutions include:

  • Site assessment and audit
  • Waste Collection: cost and feasibility
  • Engineering and design of bespoke wastecare products
  • Engineering and design of plastics and metal fabrication
  • Converting waste streams into biofuels
  • Technical Documentation

A typical consultancy package would involve site visits, feasibility study, waste stream analysis, process and equipment specifications and produce a full cost break-down tailored to the clients needs and budget.

We will produce the necessary equipment (including new innovative products) and documentation to deliver a world-class bespoke waste care management solutions. Recent examples include assessing the requirements of automated waste collection in difficult to reach urban areas. The main sectors we work with are municipal authorities and councils, hospitals & medical, catering, construction, festivals, theme parks, manufacturing and retail.