Portable, self-driven compactors for waste disposal at festivals

April 4, 2019

Spring is here, and so planning for the summer festival season begins! Glastonbury, the mother of all festivals in the UK welcomes c. 200,000 revellers each year with thousands of events on this scale occurring across the USA and European countries.

The clean-up effort for the waste generated at a typical festival of Glastonbury’s magnitude will take more than 1000 volunteers at a cost approaching $1 million dollars. Waste disposal can take in excess of six weeks to complete. In this way, ensuring this process as efficient as possible is important to reducing costs and environmental impact.

Green World Group’s innovative solution to the problems of waste disposal at Festivals is unique. We’ve created a compactor which is mobile and able to move around the large footprint of a festival to speed up the waste disposal effort

Our self-Driven, portable compactors have rugged motors ideally suited for compacting cardboard, paper, plastic, mixed waste and textiles. The skip emptying system is highly practical and safe allowing hygienic, odour controlled waste disposal.


Festival clean-up efforts can now be managed more efficiently with GSM monitoring of compactor fill levels so that full compactors can be emptied and partially filled units can be easily moved into place where they are needed.

Teams involved in the clean-up effort at the festival can be assigned a self-driven compactor which can follow them as they work their way through the waste disposal process – an ideal wastecare solution. The self-driven compactor can also be equipped with off-road tyres to make harder to reach areas more accessible.

Ecology through technology

Green World Group technology targets optimal efficiency in the management of waste. With fewer collections, cleaner waste treatment and dramatic reduction in landfill our customers benefit from a positive ecological impact founded on sound financial sense.

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