Stationary Compactor

High compacting force

The average compacting ratio of our Stationary compactor is 3:1 for medium density waste material (e.g. a combination of plastics and cardboard). The compacting ratio can be increased to 10:1 when certain type of waste material is compacted (e.g. shredded paper packaging waste).

  • Ideal for cardboard, paper, plastics, textiles & mixed waste
  • Practical, durable design
Stationary Compactor

Practical servicing

Waste material is compressed into a detachable container, which can be removed and emptied at any waste collection site. The solution allows several containers to be used to ensure continuous operation.

  • Wide range of capacities and configuration options available
  • Lifting equipment can be tailored to customers needs
Stationary Compactor

Stationary compactor models

GWG Stationary 280stGWG Stationary 380stGWG Stationary 280s
Pressing force, kN280380280
Electric motor, kW / V/ A5.5/ 400/ 165.5/ 400/ 167.5/ 400/ 32
Standard container size, m320, 25, 3020, 25, 3020, 25, 30
Model Size

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